Project Details

Pilot a gravity-defying craft at blazing speeds. Pull off aerial acrobats using stackable weapons to survive the swarming Bandits. Retro arcade action and out of this world flight control! Now with Co-op!

Game Features

  • An all-new Co-op mode that allows you and a friend to battle to the ultimate distance working together.
  • Slick modern eye-popping effects that blend in with a familiar retro pixel art style.
  • Dynamic physics with gravity altering black holes, glide chilling comet trails, and various asteroids and hazards that affect both player and foe.
  • Warp Gliders simple control style enables players to pick up and play, goes hand in hand with that “one more time” feeling.
  • Awesome Power-Ups that all stack on top of one another creating a different play experience each time.
  • Power Ups come in Offensive, Defensive, and Utility types, enabling the player to constantly develop new strategies to the dynamic gameplay.
  • Ultra destructive AOE nukes, protective shields, gravity auras, stealth cloaking, wing mounted guns, speed boosts and more!
  • Unlock different controlling glider crafts by achieving the high score and find your favorite play style!
  • Experience Warp Gliders unique control scheme with full controller support.

Project Gallery

An explosion of colour in a mass of chaos